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Svelte model says agencies have been rejecting her because she’s “too big”

Agnes Hedengård/Instagram

A Swedish model says she’s been unable to land any work because agencies say her measurements are “too big.” Agnes Hedengard, 19, posted a video to YouTube to illustrate precisely what body type, according to her allegations, the model agencies are finding not thin enough. In the video, a svelte-looking Hedengard appears wearing only her underwear, standing in front of a mirror with a smartphone in hand recording video, and gestures to various parts of her body, all the while recounting the blunt feedback she’s received from agents. “They think my butt is too big and my hips are too wide,” she said in the video. Hedengard has a BMI of 17.5, but said she’s been told to “get in better shape.” Health officials in the U.S. consider any BMI below 18.5 to be underweight. “According to the modeling industry, you cannot look like this — you need to be thinner,” Hedengard laments in the video, which has nearly two million views as of this writing.

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