“It could have been me”

Survivors raise awareness for Canada’s missing and murdered Indigenous women

Screen shot via Maclean's Vimeo

Highlighting the rate with which Canada’s Indigenous girls and women face violence and abuse, 13 women shared their stories with Macleans. The women are politicians, business owners, nurses and accountants and all share the trauma of being Indigenous survivors of physical, sexual and emotional abuse. Eleven of the 13 women are descendants of residential school survivors, and more than two-thirds of the women had mothers who had also been victims of rape. According to Macleans, the Canadian government remains “fiercely opposed to a public inquiry” about the rate with which Indigenous girls and women go missing and the history that puts these women at greater risk. “So many Indigenous women were not able to get away,” 21-year-old Sadie-Phoenix Lavole, one of the women profiled, explained. “I want the community to see what is happening, to hear us, to react and say: we need to protect these women. We need to fix this,” she said.

Read the stories of all thirteen women at Macleans.

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