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Image of 15-year-old bride might be the saddest wedding photo you’ll ever see

By WITW Staff on August 28, 2015

A photographer who was documenting a wedding in Bangladesh has spoken out about the distraught look on the face of a 15-year-old bride, Nasoin Akhter, as she married her 32-year-old groom, Mohamad Hasamur Rahman, captured in her gripping photos. On Instagram, Allison Joyce, the photographer who shot the photo, wrote that Nasoin was the “saddest bride I have ever seen.” In an interview with The Washington Post, Joyce elaborated, saying that she “noticed this sadness and unspoken fear and uncertainty even when she was in her room with her friends before the ceremony or at the parlor with her sister (who was also married around the same age). She was withdrawn and quiet.” Despite laws banning it, child marriage is a pervasive problem in Bangladesh because the laws are rarely enforced. According to a June report released by Human Rights Watch, Bangladesh has the fourth highest child marriage rate in the world. Joyce pointed out that Nasoin is not from a poor family, as many child brides are. Nasoin’s father is a rich businessman. Sadly, the the image of Nasoin on her wedding day calls to mind another photo of a distraught teen bride who was forced into a marriage with a man 30 years older than her in Chechnya earlier this year.

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