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Why Republican women are still supporting Donald Trump

Mark Wallheiser/Getty Images

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump seems to say (or tweet) literally any thought that materializes in the space underneath that yellow thing he wears on his head, with the results often being remarks that are offensive to large groups of people. Often times, women are the target of his invective (going way back to long before he was a presidential candidate). Yet, in what is a mysterious paradox, his popularity with conservative women actually rises with the frequency of his off-color remarks and the intensity of his “macho tone.” The usual rules of presidential politics clearly don’t apply to Trump. But why? MSNBC interviewed several women who’ve actually donated money to Trump’s campaign and asked them to explain his appeal. “I like that he’s not politically correct,” said one 48-year-old woman. “I have no problem with a man being a man,” she said. MSNBC also talked to a woman CEO who supports him, and another woman who was interviewed explained why she’s trying to organize a “national women for Trump day.”

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