Road rage

Man who shoved cyclist into London traffic turns himself into police

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A man who was caught in a shocking video pushing a female cyclist into London traffic has turned himself into the police. The footage, captured by the woman’s helmet camera, shows the man chasing her, shouting and swearing, after she had asked him not to cross the road until she had passed. The man is then seen shoving her to the ground on a busy London street. Fortunately, the woman was able to move herself and her bike to safety and did not need medical treatment. After the disturbing video made the rounds on the Internet, the assailant, identified only as a 33-year old male, came forward and turned himself in to police. He was not arrested, but police announced that he would be interviewed in “due course.” Paul Kitson, a lawyer and member of cycling charity CTC told The Guardian that while his outburst is a criminal act, such assaults on cyclists are not unusual. “In my experience as a cycle injury lawyer I have come across examples of cyclists being deliberately pushed off their bikes by passengers from passing cars, motorists attempting to push a cyclist into oncoming traffic and even using their vehicle as a weapon.”

Read the full story at The Guardian.

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