Fly girls

China’s first female fighter pilots to fly advanced fighter jets over grand parade

Screen Shot/Youtube

Four female pilots in China’s armed forces will fly the nation’s most advanced fighter jets above Tiananmen Square during next month’s grand parade. The women, all in their late 20s, became the nation’s first woman fighter pilots after the country began recruiting women in 2005. The four members of the August 1st Aerobatic Team have logged more than 1,000 hours in the air. “This career used to be completely dominated by men,” pilot He Xiaoli told CCTV, adding, “Previously, all female pilots in the PLA Air Force flew transport aircraft, but no female pilots had ever flown fighter jets in China. That’s a big challenge for us in our lifetime.” The V-Day parade, a national celebration commemorating the end of World War II, is scheduled for September 3.

Watch the full feature on CCTV.


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