American Apparel employees smash life-size piñata of CEO Paula Schneider

Screen shot via Youtube

Ya gotta pay the Christmas bonuses. The dangers of not doing so are well-documented in the film Christmas Vacation. Apparently, though, the relatively new CEO of the perpetually controversial clothing company American Apparel has not the heeded all-important corporate message in that classic comedy. Schneider has failed to straighten out the Christmas bonuses even after she promised to reinstate them. So a bunch of fed-up employees created a life-size piñata meant to look like Schneider and took turns beating it over the head while in the parking lot outside of the American Apparel factory headquarters. The Christmas bonus fiasco is just the beginning of the workers’ gripes — there are actually a number of issues and complaints driving their dissatisfaction with Schneider.

Read the full story and watch the video at Refinery 29.


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