Caught on camera

Woman reporter attacked by mob while on live TV


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*This story has been updated.

A woman TV reporter covering riots in Lebanon was, according to initial reports attacked by an angry mob during her live report on television, but she later indicated that the mob was trying to help her — not hurt her. Nada Andraos Aziz, a reporter for the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation, was covering anti-government protests in the capital city of Beirut. Aziz can be seen on the video being grabbed by mobs of people as she attempted to push on with her live report. In the background, police can be seen shooting water cannons at out-of-control demonstrators and releasing tear gas. The protests erupted over the failure of the government to pick up garbage in a timely manner. Several reports indicated Aziz was being attacked by the mob of demonstrators, but she suggested in a post on Twitter that the demonstrators were not attacking her, but helping her escape the wrath of the police.

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