Naked controversy

Bare-chested protesters parade through midtown NYC to promote “topless equality”

A desnuda woman has her body paint applied in Times Square, in New York, Aug. 20, 2015. (Richard Perry/The New York Times)

Dozens of men and women paraded topless through midtown Manhattan on Sunday, protesting those who criticized the topless body-painted panhandlers (known as “desnudas”) of Times Square. The “GoTopless Pride Parade” was one of more than 60 events in cities worldwide to celebrate “GoTopless” day — and had already been planned before Mayor de Blasio and police commissioner Bratton ignited the debate over the topless street performers. According to Rachel Jessee, the spokeswoman for New York’s GoTopless, the goal of the parade was promoting gender equality when it comes to baring one’s chest — something that has been legal in New York since 1992. One of the topless protesters, 22-year old Theresa Crudo of the Bronx, even brought along her 15-month-old son, and said, “Boobs are natural, you know? I wanted to show that you can breastfeed in public and do what you have to do for your child.”

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