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Double standard?

New York City appoints task force to deal with topless women in Times Square

By WITW Staff on August 22, 2015

It’s a “growing problem,” according to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. Women who have been panhandling in Times Square while topless (but covered in paint) are now the subject of a new task force, appointed by the mayor. Never mind that panhandling and going topless are completely legal in the Big Apple, the female body is threatening. And something must be done to deal with it! So, what’s the big idea the task force has come up with? Digging up the pedestrian plazas installed by the Bloomberg administration. Bloomberg won plaudits for installing the plazas, which have become very popular with tourists. “I don’t think it’s appropriate in one of the busiest squares in New York City for women to display themselves that way,” de Blasio said. The mayor presumably wasn’t asked about it and didn’t address the Naked Cowboy, who’s been doing roughly the same thing as the topless women for almost two decades now without anybody complaining.

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