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Photo of C-section scar goes viral, stirs debate

Helen Carmina Photography/Facebook

A U.K.-based baby photographer posted an arresting image on Facebook that has gone viral, drawn hundreds of thousands of likes — and also triggered some backlash. Helen Aller posted the black-and-white photo, which depicts a newborn boy resting on his naked mother’s midsection, earlier this month. Also prominently visible in the photo is the mother’s fresh C-section scar. “My images usually get seen by 100 people at most, so I never thought it would reach anywhere near what it has done,” Aller wrote on Facebook, noting that some have been quite critical. Several people actually reported the photo to Facebook for removal. The story behind the photo is a powerful one. A client whose pregnancy Aller had photographed found herself in need of an emergency C-section at the hospital, a procedure that turned out to save her and her baby’s life, Aller said. A few days later, the new mom asked Aller to document the outcomes of her “worst nightmare” by photographing her posing with her new bundle of joy juxtaposed against the scar, and the result is the photo that caused a ruckus on Facebook.

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