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"In lieu of flowers"

Woman uses obituary to take a swipe at Hillary Clinton

By WITW Staff on August 20, 2015

Hillary Clinton just can’t get a break. She’s being heckled relentlessly by the media over the FBI probe of her private email server. And now, a dead New Jersey woman has found a way to heckle the Democratic frontrunner from the grave. Elaine Fydrych of Runnemede, N.J., died last week at age 63. But before she passed, she told her husband, Joe, to include an important line at the end of her obituary. Joe told The Associated Press that his wife was a lifelong Democrat, but became disillusioned with Clinton over her handling of the Benghazi attack. So, “she wanted to go out with a punch,” he said, and made sure she did just that by including this quip at the end of her obituary: “Elaine requests, ‘In lieu of flowers, please do not vote for Hillary Clinton.” Fydrych, believe it or not, is not the first person to heckle Clinton from the grave in this manner. In April of this year, an 81-year-old North Carolina man died and his obituary also contained a request for people to not vote for Clinton.

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