Woman finds her ex’s email address in leaked Ashley Madison data

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A group of hackers touting itself as The Impact Team made good on its threat to release troves of data it had stolen when it hacked Ashley Madison, a website that helps married individuals cheat on spouses, last month. About 36 million users were exposed in the leak. Ellen Cushing, a reporter for BuzzFeed wrote in an essay for the site that she searched the data dump “almost automatically.” After initially searching for her father’s name and finding nothing, she searched the email address of her ex-boyfriend, whom she had broken up with after learning that he’d cheated on her two years ago. Sure enough, his email turned up. Interestingly, Cushing texted the ex to tell him the news and question him about how he felt that his data was out there given that this is one of the biggest privacy breaches in the history of the digital age. His reaction was surprisingly candid. The ex responded with a general malaise about the fact that he’d used the site, saying, “Of course. I thought everyone and their mom scoped it.” Then, he struck a disaffected tone, adding, “I just don’t care. I’m not a politician or an upstanding member of any moral community. It just has next to zero impact on my life.” Cushing went on to speculate on the many similar conversations that are likely to begin unfolding between significant others over the coming days and weeks.

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