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Women at war

Meet the young Kurdish and Yazidi women training to fight ISIS

By WITW Staff on August 20, 2015

Along the mountainous border where Iran, Iraq and Turkey converge, a training camp for the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) has inducted new members for training: Kurdish and Yazidi women who have taken up arms to fight jihadist extremists known as ISIS. The PKK, originally formed to fight the Turkish government, is being called a “key player” in the fight against the Islamic State and boasts joint male-female leadership. Nearly 40 percent of PKK fighters are female, including young women like Narin Jamishd, a 21-year-old from Turkey, who told the BBC on August 20 that she joined in the fight against the Islamic State because they “are afraid of independent women.” Her comrade, 20-year-old Vian, is of the Yazidi religious group being persecuted by ISIS. “They killed many of us,” she said. “It wasn’t right to remain silent.”

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All-female warrior brigade formed to fight ISIS