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Meet Donald Trump’s little known about sister, Maryanne

By WITW Staff on August 20, 2015

Who knew Donald Trump had an older sister and that she’s a federal judge? We didn’t and it turns out a colleague and close friend also didn’t realize — for years — that Maryanne Trump Barry was The Donald’s big sis. The New York Times profiled Barry, a federal judge who was appointed by Ronald Reagan in 1983 and then promoted by Bill Clinton in 1999. Barry declined to comment for the story, but the Times dug up some interesting remarks she made on sexual harassment during a speech in the early 1990s that seem like something that could’ve have flown out of her politically incorrect brother’s mouth. She contended then that “professional hypochondriacs” were turning “every sexy joke of long ago, every flirtation,” into “sexual harassment.” The Times also unearthed some intriguing comments she once made about the possibility of a sibling rivalry with her larger-than-life younger brother.

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