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Trump not losing female voters after Megyn Kelly spat, polls show

Win McNamee/Getty Images

While you might expect that Donald Trump’s well-documented feud with Megyn Kelly, after she took him to task for some of his misogynistic comments, wouldn’t do much good for his popularity with women voters, a new poll suggests otherwise. Twenty-nine percent of women viewed Trump favorably before the GOP debate — and that number rose to 30 percent according to a recent Gallup poll. Another poll by Reuters/Ipsos, however, suggests that his numbers with women fell slightly, going from 26 percent on August 3 to 20 percent the week after the August 6 debate. Nevertheless, while randomly interviewing women on the streets of Pennsylvania, Reuters found that one-third of women those surveyed expressed support for Trump, with one nurse saying, “Shame on the public for presuming something, for putting words in his mouth.” Another surprising finding from the Gallup poll is that there’s only a nine percent gender gap in Trump’s favorability rankings among Republicans, leaving him in the middle of the table, which is led by Ted Cruz, who is viewed 16 percent less favorably by women than men.

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