Rape research

Study: Alcohol does not inhibit ability to remember rapes accurately


Researchers studied 88 undergraduate women from the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom to determine the effect alcohol has on remembering an “interactive hypothetical sexual assault scenario” after 24 hours and again after four months. While the drunken women surveyed were able to recall “less information” (responded “don’t know” more often to questions), the accuracy of the information they remembered did not differ from their sober counterparts. The study has implications for courtroom scenarios, where accuracy is called into question for intoxicated witnesses, and researchers concluded “that intoxicated victims can provide accurate information to the police,” explaining, “our results imply that when intoxicated women provide testimony, the information they provide is just as accurate as sober women, all other things being equal.”

Read about the research at Vocativ or see the survey in full at Taylor & Francis Online.

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