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Colbert called on Norway to contribute a cool $100 million a year to the cause

Attack of the tweets

Stephen Colbert wants to invade Norway in the name of girls’ education, Norwegian PM Erna Solberg responds

By Brigit Katz on August 19, 2015

Stephen Colbert has a plan for improving the state of girls’ education around the world: assail Norway with an army of determined Tweeters. On Monday, the soon-to-be Late Show host made a call for action in a promotional video for the Global Citizen Festival, which is held annually in New York City.  In the video, Colbert asks viewers to tweet at Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg, encouraging her to pledge $100 million dollars to the Global Partnership for Education each year for the next five years.

“Norway is a leader in funding education world wide,” Colbert noted. “And if they agree to increase their support for the Global Partnership for Education, the world will follow. Norway has always been a trendsetter. Just look at the Vikings. They were into ridiculous beards way before Brooklyn.”

And because Colbert is truly a selfless man of the people, he sealed his plea by sampling some lutefisk, a Norwegian delicacy of dried and salted cod.

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Solberg responded to the Twitter campaign with her own video.  She stopped short of committing to Colbert’s request of $100 million per year, but did note that she and the comedian are on the same side of the cause.
“When you educate a girl, you educate a nation,” Solberg said. “This is why Norway is mobilizing the world to contribute more to girls’ education. In fact, my government is massively increasing its support to girls’ education. But even the Vikings of Norway can’t do it alone, Stephen. That is why we encourage other countries, private companies, and key partners to do more.”
The Global Citizen Festival, which will be hosted by Colbert this year, will be held on September 26 on Central Park’s Great Lawn. The mission of the event is to “end extreme poverty,” and free tickets are available to anyone who completes a series of “actions”—like signing petitions, tweeting about important causes, and calling for members of Congress to take action on various issues. If that sounds like a lot of effort, please consider that this year’s Global Citizen Festival will feature a performance by Beyoncé.