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“Self-hypnosis births” new fad among expecting U.K. moms

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A new alternative birth method is taking the U.K. by storm: hypnobirthing, which focuses on relaxation and self-hypnosis while a woman is giving birth. The Guardian reports there has been a dramatic rise in demand for classes that teach the technique. Midwives, the report goes on, believe it will be a regular part of the birthing process within a decade. Through pre-natal classes, couples are taught self-hypnosis, as well as other techniques such as visualization, deep relaxation and breathing techniques. “It seems like the whole world wants to hypnobirth,” said Teri Gavin-Jones, a midwife and hypnobirth trainer said. “Hypnobirthing is where water-birthing was 20 years ago. Back then it was considered a bit weird and there was a lot of skepticism from the medical community. But now every trust in the country does water births. Give it 10 years and hypnobirthing will be standard antenatal practice. It’ll be mainstream.” Women who gave birth using the technique have reported feeling less pain or, in some cases, no pain at all. However, scientific evidence on the pain-relieving qualities of hypnobirthing remains inconclusive.

Read the full story at The Guardian.


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