“This is my religion”

Muslim comic Shazia Mirza speaks out against ISIS

Shazia Mirza believes she understands the mindset of the three schoolgirls who recently left home in England to join the Islamic State in Syria. “I used to be one of those girls, but ISIS wasn’t around when I was growing up,” she told The Guardian, adding, “These girls had no idea what they were going to — and they are going to get there and not be able to get out.” While promoting her latest show, the comedian spoke out against jihadi extremism and explained that as a face of the Muslim world in comedy, much of her work is based in research and understanding the religion she loves. ISIS is a perversion of Islam, she believes. “There are a lot of people who want to believe Islam is a barbaric, awful, women-hating, evil religion. But it is a very spiritual religion,” Mirza said. Though she has faced criticism from those in and outside of the Muslim community — “Look at me,” she joked, “ISIS would stone me to death!” — she refuses to remain silent.

Read the full story at The Guardian.

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