Summary judgment

Chelsea Manning found guilty of possessing prison contraband

REUTERS/U.S. Army/Handout

Chelsea Manning was found guilty of violating prison rules at a hearing inside Fort Leavenworth military prison on Tuesday. Manning, the former Army private who is serving a 35-year sentence there for leaking classified government documents, was accused of possessing contraband such as an expired tube of toothpaste, an issue of Vanity Fair with Caitlyn Jenner on the cover and a Senate report on torture. Manning said she was denied access to the facility’s legal library in the days leading up to Tuesday’s hearing. She was facing a stint in solitary confinement, but was instead slapped with a 21-day restriction on recreational activities — an outcome her lawyer, Chase Strangio, said was a result of supporters who had spoken out on her behalf in recent days. “When I spoke to Chelsea earlier today, she wanted to convey the message to supporters that she is so thankful for the thousands of people around the world who let the government know that we are watching and scrutinizing what happens to her behind prison walls,” Strangio said. Military officials declined to release any info on the hearing.

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