Glaring omissions

Hip-hop journalist who was once attacked by Dr. Dre speaks out

Andre Young, aka Dr. Dre of the Compton-based rap group N.W.A., beat journalist Dee Barnes in January of 1991 (he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor battery charge related to the incident later that year). She has long-described the attack (in which she said Dre attempted to throw her down a set of stairs, kicked her, stomped on her hands, and slammed her head against a wall at a nightclub) in interviews, and, most recently, with Gawker in an essay written after she agreed to watch the newly-released N.W.A-biopic, Straight Outta Compton, for the site. The film omits Dr. Dre’s abusive history with women, including the violence he perpetrated against his former partner Michel’le. Barnes, who believes Dre was trying to kill her during the attack, said, “In his lyrics, Dre made hyperbolic claims about all these heinous things he did to women. But then he went out and actually violated women. Straight Outta Compton would have you believe that he didn’t really do that. It doesn’t add up.” Dre once called his attack “no big thing,” telling Rolling Stone, “I just threw her through a door.”

Read her full story at Gawker.

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