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Fighting back

All-women warrior brigade formed to fight ISIS

By WITW Staff on August 18, 2015

A popular Yazidi folk singer has formed an all-female fighting brigade in Iraq called the “Sun Girls” to battle back against ISIS militants. Xate Shingali, 30, is the woman reportedly behind the new fighting battalion. She’s recruited 123 women, one as young as 17 years old, who will take the battlefield to exact revenge on the terror group. “They rape us. We kill them,” the singer told The Daily Mail. In August of last year, ISIS militants stormed Mount Sinjar in Iraq and took more than 5,000 Yazidi women hostage. ISIS subsequently forced many of those women into sexual slavery where rape was commonplace. Disturbing stories of young women and girls being raped and brutalized have been emerging over the last year, including a recent report that brought to light how ISIS has made sexual violence a religious bedrock of its twisted agenda. The “Sun Girls” know full well the risk they face of falling into sexual slavery, but they are undeterred. “Even if they kill me, I will say I am a Yazidi,” the 17-year-old soldier told The Daily Mail.

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