Eat, pray, love?

Women are more romantic on a full stomach, study suggests


The way to a woman’s heart could also be through her stomach, according to a new study. A small pilot study by researchers at the University of California San Diego showed that young women responded more to romantic images when they were fed than when they had an empty stomach. For the research, 20 young women between ages 18 and 25 who had fasted for eight hours were shown romantic images of heterosexual couples as well as neutral images while they were in an fMRI scanner. After they had been fed a nutritional shake packed with proteins and calories, the researchers registered a significant increase in brain activity when looking at the same romantic images. While it’s hard to draw conclusions from such a limited sample size, lead author Alice Ely hypothesized that “romance or romantic gestures seem more pleasant and important when we’ve recently eaten than when we’re hungry,” and says the study could be a great jumping off point for more extensive research on the link between food and romance.

Read the full story at Quartz.

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