Just girls being girls?

Sorority faces backlash for ‘racially homogeneous’ recruitment video


A scathing AL.com Op-Ed brought attention to University of Alabama’s Alpha Phi house “racially and aesthetically homogeneous” recruitment video that gained more than 500,000 views in its first week on YouTube, in which a parade of tall, thin, uniformly bleach-blonde women in bikinis blow glitter and kisses in attempt to recruit potential new members. “Yes, sororities are known for being pretty and flirty; they aren’t bastions of feminist ideologies,” writer A.L. Bailey said on August 14. “But perhaps they shouldn’t completely sabotage them either.” The group pulled the video from YouTube (though it is now available through other hosts) and has removed or privatized its social media pages. UA officials remain less quiet, calling the video “not reflective of UA’s expectations for student organizations to be responsible digital citizens.” Of the record 2,261 women who received sorority bids to UA’s Panhellenic sorority system this year, only 214 were minorities.

Read the full story at The Daily Mail.

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