Meet the mothers of young men who abandoned them to become ISIS fighters

The Huffington Post takes a deep dive look at mothers whose lives have been upended by their sons who ran away and joined ISIS. The stories that have been emerging from the Middle East, Europe and the U.S. on ISIS have been heartbreaking, infuriating and flabbergasting. And these accounts are just as disconcerting as others. Take the experience of Christine Boudreau for instance. She lives in a suburban town in Canada and her oldest son, Damian, up and left to become a militant. Her otherwise ordinary life is punctuated by her obsession with watching ISIS videos she finds online, studying closely the masked men she sees on screen and looking for Damien’s eyes to give him away. Damien’s path to radicalization is charted in the piece. It all began with a suicide attempt at age 17, his mother, 46, told HuffPost. It was then that he discovered the Quran, she said, and eventually decided to convert to Islam. She was hopeful of his religious awakening, but the hope she had ultimately turned to fear and despair when she learned in 2013 that Damien had fled to Syria in search of jihad.

Read the full story at The Huffington Post.


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