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Dartmouth woman who became the reluctant face for campus gun rights: “I wanted to talk to the media about stalking”

Last year, Taylor Woolrich — to help other girls in her situation — told Fox News the story of how a man 47 years her senior stalked her relentlessly for years. “I was trying to be brave and just speak up. I didn’t realize I was being turned into an NRA puppet,” the Dartmouth student told Buzzfeed News in a chilling profile. She first met her stalker at 16, when she worked as a barista in California. Despite restraining orders and time behind bars, his harassment continued after she started attending Dartmouth University in New Hampshire in 2012, where she lived in fear. Woolrich, who suffered from anxiety, had to “coax [herself] out [the] front door before class,” but Dartmouth refused to allow her to carry a gun. Enter Fox News journalist John Lott, who wrote an Op-Ed in her name. The story went viral, and Woolrich became the face of the pro-gun college right. Her story, she said, was actually about stalking, which affects at least one in seven U.S. women in their lifetime. “It’s not like John Lott held a gun to my head and told me to talk to the media,” Woolrich said. “I wanted to talk to the media, if it could mean something positive. But I wanted to talk to the media about stalking.”

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