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Women-only tattoo parlor is a hit in Brazil

We’ve seen women-only parking spaces, women-only transportation and a women-only mosque. Now, behold the women-only tattoo parlor which was opened about a month ago in São Paulo, Brazil, by Samantha Sam, who wanted to create a place that would nurture young women artists. Business has been booming to the point where Sam is already figuring out how to expand. Interesting too are some of the stories of the young women working there. Juliana Chislu told VICE about her father’s discontent with her job choice and interest in tattoos. After she got her first tattoo, she said, her father declared, “Juliana, this is the first and last one you’ll get.” “Which is funny,” she noted, “because I’m actually tattooing his arm at the moment.”

Read the full story at VICE.

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