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Stephen Colbert announces intention to advocate for women as host of The Late Show

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Stephen Colbert has written an article for Glamour magazine in which he pledges “to fight for women,” in his role hosting The Late Show. The article’s tone is tongue in cheek: among other ridiculous claims, Colbert writes that his feminine body makes him relatable to women and that “this essay has proved that I have an authentic female perspective, because most of it was written by two female writers on my staff.” Hidden within the comedy, however, is a nuanced understanding of gender stereotyping and an acknowledgement of the sexism currently embedded in society and on TV. Colbert contrasts the lack of female late-night TV hosts with the plethora of “smoking-hot wives” in modern sitcoms, and notes that “even when women do succeed, their stories aren’t told.” Colbert promises to “create a Late Show that not only appeals to women but also celebrates their voices.” Stephen Colbert may not be a female voice on late-night TV, but here’s hoping he can be the next best thing. His inaugural show will air September 8 on CBS.

Read the full story at Glamour.

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