National treasure

Senate’s women hope to preserve landmark of Women’s Suffrage Movement

The Sewall-Belmont House. Photo via Wikimedia

The Sewall-Belmont House and Museum in Washington, D.C. once served as the headquarters of the National Women’s Party, the group famous for lobbying for the passage of the 19th Amendment that guaranteed women’s suffrage. Last Thursday, the 14 Democratic women in the Senate introduced a bill to designate the museum a national park, a move which would open up funding for staff and crucial repairs to the building. Senator Barbara Mikulski, the bill’s chief sponsor, expressed her desire to not only preserve the building but “elevate it to its rightful spot among our nation’s most important national treasures.” Kristen Brengel, senior director of legislation and policy for the National Parks Conservation Association, believes the bill has a good chance to pass given the recent passage of a similar stand-alone preservation bill. Brengel expressed her support, saying, “I think we lose our appreciation today for how hard these women fought for the right to vote.” With the introduction of this bill, the women of the Senate hope to make an important reminder immortal.

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