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Foot in mouth

Radio DJ suspended after going on misogynistic rant about breastfeeding

By WITW Staff on August 14, 2015

The topic of breastfeeding is stirring up major controversy this week. First, a woman posted a photo on Facebook of herself simultaneously nursing her son and her friend’s son, which ignited fierce debate. Now a blabbermouth radio DJ in England has gotten himself in trouble after making a sexist rant that hinged on this short-sighted premise: “Couldn’t mums just stay home and do it?” Alex Dyke, a DJ for BBC Radio, went on to make the sweeping statement that all men agree with his stance that women should stay home to breastfeed, “except for wimps who are scared of their wives.” Not surprisingly, the backlash was swift and vocal. The BBC suspended him pending an investigation over the “ill-judged” remarks. Dyke was apologetic on social media, but none of his detractors are buying his apparent remorse.

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