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Overtime rule change would be a boon for women workers

Single mom Delores Leonard helps her daughter with her homework before heading to work at a McDonald's Restaurant in Chicago, Illinois. REUTERS/Jim Young

A rule change proposed by the Department of Labor to guidelines for overtime compensation could be just what women workers are looking for. The DoL suggested the change last month in response to a request from Obama to have overtime pay guidelines updated. Currently, anyone earning more than $23,660 per year is not eligible for overtime pay. The proposal by the DoL would more than double that salary threshold to $50,440 annually. Why is this a big deal for women? Because, according to a new report by a women’s advocacy group, the majority of the workers that increase would impact are women. Single moms, black and Latino women would all benefit the most, the report finds, in terms both of the volumes of people that would be affected and the amount of overtime pay they’d earn after the threshold increase.

Read the full story at Fortune.

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