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Intel follows up on pledge to make its workplace more diverse

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

In January, chipmaker Intel set concrete targets to make the company more accurately reflect the diversity of the tech talent pool by 2020. Intel’s midyear diversity report, released this week, shows that 35 percent of the company’s new hires since January have been women and 12 percent have been racial minorities. In a sector that remains 68 percent white and 75 percent male Intel is making a transparent effort to change its culture. The change isn’t restricted to new hires: the report showed an 11 percent increase of women in leadership roles, along with a 19 percent increase for African-Americans. Intel’s efforts were singled out for praise by Reverend Jesse Jackson and the Rainbow PUSH Coalition. “Rainbow PUSH argues that companies must set measurable diversity and inclusion goals, targets, and timetables … Intel is doing that and more,” Jackson reportedly said. Despite lobbying from Jackson and other activists, Intel is the only tech company to commit to specific targets to hire minorities and women. But in a sector increasingly under scrutiny for its homogenous culture, the progress at Intel may augur more changes to come.

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