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Pen maker Bic apologizes for telling women to “think like a man”

Oh, Bic. How did this one ever get published? In an ad meant to help celebrate Women’s Day in South Africa, all the iconic pen maker managed to do was ruin Women’s Day with a sexist ad on its Facebook page. “Look like a girl. Act like a lady. Think like a man. Work like a boss,” the ill-advised advertisement advises. After a huge uproar ensued, Bic issued an apology, but seemed to blame the sexist message on an apparent act of plagiarism. “We took the quote from a ‘Women in Business’ blog site,” the apology explained, as if that would somehow absolve it for its ignorant sexism. Eventually, the pen maker yanked the ad down and apologized again, thanking customers for all of “the feedback.” Presumably, Bic attorneys are hard at work preparing a defense for the likely forthcoming plagiarism lawsuit.

Read the full story at AdWeek.

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