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On the money

Bookstore launches bid to have author Joan Didion put on new $10 bill

By WITW Staff on August 13, 2015

An enterprising graphic designer at a bookstore in Los Angeles is stumping for the redesigned $10 bill to feature the image of author Joan Didion. Didion, whose books are a big seller in the store, has written novels such as Play It As It Lays and Slouching Towards Bethlehem. The campaign started on a whim when Rob Bieselin wrote the idea on a chalkboard placed on the sidewalk in front of the story. It resonated with customers, so he took things a step further and made large $10 bills with Didion’s likeness replacing Alexander Hamilton’s. One now hangs in the store’s window and the store also gives smaller size Didion ten-spots out to customers as souvenirs with each purchase. Unfortunately, Didion, who’s 80, is not eligible to join Alexander Hamilton on the Federal Reserve note. That distinction will go to someone who is deceased. According to a poll released last week, late first lady Eleanor Roosevelt has a commanding lead in the race for the new $10 bill, which will debut in 2020, despite former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s contention that it’s not the $10 bill, but the $20 bill, that’s in need of a makeover.

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Rosie Rios, the woman behind the woman on the $10 bill