Bindi to serve double duty as accessory and health supplement

REUTERS/Navesh Chitrakar

The Bindi is traditionally worn by Hindu women on their foreheads as a symbol of the third eye of intuition. And now, a philanthropic group is giving the accessory a secondary function to help women struggling with iron deficiency. Grey For Good has launched a project called Life Saving Dot in which it’s testing this novel form of wearable technology on women in rural India. Ali Shabaz, the man behind the idea, is originally from India and knows iron deficiency — which can lead to a number of preventable illnesses — is a problem for many women there. He imagined a bindi that could serve two uses: the traditional one and one in which it would deliver much needed iodine to people who are deficient. The technology and design were inspired by the same concept that makes a nicotine patch effective. A woman wearing an iodine bindi will absorb, on average, about 12 percent of the daily recommended iodine dosage, which experts see as a significant improvement.

Read the full story at TIME.


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