Oxford University campaign gives voice to sexual assault victims

A campaign against sexual assault that was started by students at Oxford University has created a platform to raise awareness of assault and is slowly making its way across the U.K.. #NMN (No Means No) was started by Oxford student Polly Lamming after two of her close friends were sexually assaulted in the space of two weeks, both by fellow students. Upset at the idea that her friends felt they could not come forward out of embarrassment or feelings of self-blame, she decided to take action. Starting with her own photo, she asked her friends to join her in uploading a picture of themselves with the #NoMeansNo logo and making it their cover photo on Facebook. As is often the case with social media, the trend started spreading, news feeds filled up with these images and Lamming started receiving messages detailing personal accounts of assault. She wants to give the victims a voice, she said, and help them to not feel ashamed or belittled along with raising awareness of the unnervingly common occurrence of these incidents. “This campaign is not just about them, but it is for them,” she writes in her article. While the campaign has mostly made headway across the U.K., the growing team behind the campaign is trying to get its message out to an even wider audience.

Read the full story at The Tab.

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