Elderly woman has carried fetus in her uterus for more than six decades, doctors say

Doctors performing an X-ray on a 91-year-old woman in Chile found something unusual inside of her abdomen that they first thought was a tumor: a calcified fetus. Estela Melendez visited the doctor after taking a spill recently. For years, she’s had a “lump” on her tummy, but was unaware of what caused it. Her medical team originally planned to remove the mass, but after performing multiple X-rays, realized it was a fetus and not a tumor. Physicians determined that Melendez has carried the fetus in her uterus for more than 60 years and said it poses no danger to her health. Melendez’s husband died in January at the age of 91, and she said the two had always wished they could’ve had children. To the point, she told CNN, where it was one of their few regrets in life. “We suffered tremendously because of this reason,” Melendez lamented. Now she says that lump on her tummy is a reminder of her late husband — and of what could have been. It’s not clear whether this story is related to another story reported in June in which doctors found a calcified fetus in the abdomen of a woman in Chile.

Read the full story at CNN.

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