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Domestic violence

Man charged with murdering ex-girlfriend, her 6 children and her husband

By WITW Staff on August 11, 2015

Valerie Jackson, her six children, and her husband were shot to death in their home in Houston over the weekend. David Conley, Jackson’s ex-boyfriend, negotiated with a hostage team for hours before surrendering and being charged with murder. Conley is presumed to be the father of one of the victims, Nathaniel Conley, 13. Chief Deputy Tim W. Cannon addressed the murders this Sunday in a news conference, saying, “We do not and cannot understand the motivations of an individual who would take the lives of so many people, including children.” Amanda Marcotte, a columnist writing for Slate, disagrees. She writes that “the blunt fact is that we can understand the motivations of someone who would do this. Domestic homicide is committed almost entirely by men who feel off-the-charts levels of male entitlement — men who feel so entitled to control a woman just because they’ve dated or married her that they resort to violence to reassert control.” Before the events of this past weekend, Conley had already been charged with domestic violence for attacking Jackson in her home on a prior occasion. Sadly, it seems that in most cases the motivation behind domestic violence, no matter how horrific, is all too predictable and repetitive.

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