Border battle

Immigrant women accuse U.S. detention centers of harsh treatment

A dormitory for minors at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas. Reuters

Immigration has resurfaced as a key issue among the candidates running for the White House in 2016, and now a new legal wrinkle has emerged. Five immigrant women, all mothers, are preparing to sue the federal government over what they say has been mistreatment at detention centers. Advocates for immigrants held in detention centers have argued that the process hurts people held in the centers as well as those related to the detained who are on the outside. The five mothers are alleging physical and psychological harm and wrongful imprisonment, and are targeting two Department of Homeland Security agencies: U.S. Customs and Border Protection and ICE. Andrew Free, the immigration lawyer representing the women, has filed tort claims, which is a prelude to a federal lawsuit. He told The Associated Press, “By bearing witness and helping these women assert their claims, we are undermining the government’s narrative that this is a kindler, gentler detention policy.” The woman are seeking millions of dollars in damages. A spokesperson for ICE declined to comment on the allegations.

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