Honor student from Mississippi arrested for allegedly planning to join ISIS

Two Mississippi State University students were arrested by the FBI after authorities say they admitted they were trying to leave the country for Syria to join the militant group ISIS. Investigators arrested Jaelyn Young, 19, and Muhammad Dakhalla, 22, at the Golden Triangle Airport in Columbus, Mississippi. Young was reportedly an honor student in high school and is the daughter of a U.S. veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Court documents showed that Young allegedly admitted that she was influential in leading the plan for the two to join ISIS, and that they were going to travel through Greece pretending to be on a honeymoon. Both Young and Dakhalla are Americans. Teens and young women joining the terror group has been an increasing problem, and reports have shown that it’s nearly impossible for Western women who join ISIS to escape if they have a change of heart. As for the two students from Mississippi, it was social media that tipped off federal authorities to their alleged skullduggery.

Read the full story at Vocativ.

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