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Blogger Roosh V, who wants to legalize rape in private homes, is not welcome in Toronto

Roosh V/Facebook

Controversial (i.e. wildly misogynist) blogger Roosh V is scheduled to speak in Toronto this weekend, and he is categorically unwelcome in the city. “I am calling on those hosting this tour to do the right thing — cancel this show,” Toronto Mayor John Tory tweeted Monday. Tory also took to Twitter to declare that “while free speech is the law in this country, promoting violence against women is wrong.” Roosh V—his real name is Daryush Valizadeh—is a self-described pickup artist who has also advocated for making rape legal on private property. He runs a website called Return of Kings, which boasts such thought-provoking articles as “How I Tried to Turn A Ho Into A Housewife” and “6 Ways Modern Women Are Just Like Orcs.” Roosh V also made an appearance in Montreal last weekend, which incited protests and a petition of more than 40, 000 signatures arguing that he should not be permitted to enter Canada. Also, a Montreal woman threw beer in his face.

Read the full story at the CBC.


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