“A raw nerve”

Young girl’s rape leaves New York City neighborhood on edge

East 179th Street in the Bronx, near where a 12-year-old girl said she was abducted and raped last February. Michael Appleton/The New York Times

If the crime is not chilling enough on its own merits, the fact that its perpetrator is still at large some six months later is double cause for concern. The New York Times examines a rape case in a Bronx neighborhood that took place back in the brutal cold of February and still has yet to be solved by detectives. Police say a male, who appeared to be teenager, was caught on surveillance footage raping a 12-year-old girl, who explained to investigators that the assailant grabbed her, threatened to kill her if she screamed and then dragged her into a nearby alley and raped her. Security cameras captured fleeting images of the attacker as he tried to enter several different apartment buildings, and while none of them give a clear image of his face, it has been speculated that he was not much older than the victim. The West Farms neighborhood has a history of serious crime, which according to Luis Sepulveda, the state assemblyman representing the area, has improved in recent years. However, despite the community’s familiarity with crime, the rape of the 12-year-old girl has shaken the community and the lack of results in the investigation has only made residents more scared. The police have been accused of not doing enough, but deputy chief Osgood and Sepulveda have claim that the officers are not giving up, and have recently raised the reward for information. “It’s something that really touched a raw nerve in the community,” Mr. Sepulveda told The New York Times.

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