Legalizing sex work

Sociologist calls for legalization of prostitution to satisfy “male sex deficit”

A"service provider" at a Sydney brothel. Ian Waldie/Getty Images

Do men desire sex twice as often as women? According to British sociologist Dr. Catherine Hakim, they do. This supposed sexual gap, deemed the “male sex deficit,” is growing over time and “cannot be dismissed as an outdated patriarchal myth as argued by some feminists,” according to Hakim. Her most recent report, published by the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA), argues that prostitution is “inevitable” based on the male demand for sexual activity, and, therefore, it should be legalized. Critics have rejected Hakim’s theory that sex work has no psychological or social effects on workers, calling her ideas “one-sided” and “laughable.”

Read the full story at The Telegraph and the report at the Institute of Economic Affairs.

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