Instant divorce

Muslim women’s lives destroyed when husbands say “talaq” three times


In India, many Muslim women are dealing with the opposite of long, messy divorce in the form of instant divorce. According to Islamic scripture, husbands can divorce their wives simply by saying the word “talaq” — meaning divorce — three times. This can also include writing the word three times — even on something as informal as social media. Nishat Hussain of BMMA (Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan, the Muslim women’s welfare movement) has been working with divorced wives who have suffered at the hands of the word so that they might receive justice. Take Rani Khan, for example. Her husband demanded that she borrow money from her parents to finance his drinking habit. He then shouted “talaq” three times and kicked her and her four-year-old daughter out of the house. Hussain and other Muslim female activists have pushed their community to recognize the injustice wrought by “talaq,” but many still consider it valid under Muslim Sharia Law. Although the government committee responsible for women’s status recommended banning the practice in 2013, Hussain and her colleagues still have to contend with powerful organizational bodies such as the All India Muslim Personal Law Board, who are staunchly against such a ban.

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