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Free from labels

Following customer suggestions, Target to remove gender-based signage

By WITW Staff on August 10, 2015

In an effort to “strike a better balance” for customers, Target announced on Friday that it will begin phasing out gender-based signs and labels across several departments in its stores. The retailer’s decision comes in response to a year’s worth of feedback from customers, who suggested that gender-based suggestions make sense for apparel, where sizing varies, but are “unnecessary” in regard to toys, bedding and entertainment. No longer will parents have to mull over bedding marked specifically for girls or boys — just look for signs that denote where kid-sized sheets live! Other changes include removal of gender-based color schemes in the store’s toy sections, including the use of pink and blue paper to line the walls of the department’s shelves. Target, which boasts 1,799 stores in the United States, will begin implementing the changes in upcoming months.

Read the full press release at Target Corporate.