No apologies

Despite backlash, Trump sees nothing wrong with his insults of Megyn Kelly

Scott Olson/Getty Images

After debate moderator and Fox News pundit Megyn Kelly confronted Trump with his own derogatory comments towards women in the first GOP presidential debate this past Thursday, Trump sought to defend himself this past weekend by attacking his accuser. Trump called Kelly a “loser” over Twitter and retweeted a follower who referred to Kelly as a “bimbo,” and in so doing reenacted the exact behavior Kelly had accused him of. Trump then proceeded to tell CNN on Friday night that Kelly had “blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her whatever,” while questioning him during the debate, apparently implying that Kelly had been menstruating. Appearing on several news shows Sunday, Trump defended himself, saying he meant to imply blood was also coming out of her eyes and nose, asking viewers: “Do you think I’d make a stupid statement like that?” Well, apparently people do. In light of his comments, Trump has been widely condemned by much of the Republican establishment, and his invitation to speak at the RedState Gathering, a major conference of conservative activists in Atlanta, was revoked. Even Carly Fiorina said she wasn’t buying Trump’s explanation for the “blood” comment.

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