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Study suggests that women take breakups harder than men

Michael Dorokhov (Flickr)

Recently, researchers from the University College London and Binghamton University conducted a study to find differences on the impact of heartbreak on each gender. Researchers surveyed 5,705 participants who hailed from 26 different countries. All participants were English-speaking and their average age was 26. Questions included things like, “How severe was the breakup for you emotionally?” and “Who do you feel initiated the breakup?” and “What sort of physical responses did you experience as a result of the breakup?” According to The Huffington Post, the survey found that, despite the fact that women most often initiated breakups, they also took splits harder, “reporting significantly higher levels of emotional responses than men.” Notably, women and men equally rated the intensity of their past breakups, with the most common reason for breaking up being “lack of communication.”

Read the full story at The Huffington Post.

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