Heading home

Woman to return to France after being held captive in Yemen for 6 months

A French woman is headed back home to France after spending six months in captivity in Yemen. Isabelle Prime, 31, was in Yemen’s capital city of Sanaa back in February when she was abducted. Prime was working as a consultant on a project funded by the World Bank when she was taken captive along with her Yemeni interpreter who was released back in March. Commenting on her release, French President Francois Hollande said, “Our compatriot Isabelle Prime has been freed,” and expressed “gratitude to all those who worked on this solution, including Sultan Qaboos Bin Said, Sultan of Oman.” Hollande is meeting Prime when she arrives in Paris, and said that she “demonstrated great courage and great responsibility during the long wait.”

Read the full story at France 24.

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