Meet some of the women leading the black lives matter movement with social media

Charlene Carruthers/Facebook

CNN recently profiled a group of 13 millennials who are leading the national conversation around the black lives matter movement, using social media for social change. One woman, Brittany Packnett, a 30-year-old from St. Louis, said, “It’s honestly really sad to me that we have so many names that have become hashtags, and yet, it’s important for people to not forget the names.” Johnetta Elzie, 26, from Chicago, said, “Change, real change, is a continual process, having national attention on issues that affect the black community is something that’s never happened in my generation, and it would not have happened without social media.” One of Elzie’s projects is Mapping Police Violence, which serves to collect data regarding police killings. Charlene Carruthers, 30, also from Chicago, hopes to continue to inspire black leaders, “There will always be a need for young black people to be organized.”

Read the full story at CNN.


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